Thursday, February 3, 2011

State Of Play

New Armor VS Sovereign

Once again I decided to grace the ideal that is a blog, nonetheless, I figured I would give you my impression on the current state of play within warhammer!

So far after *serious* scrutiny by the public at large and the all important 2 week test phase, it has been determined by the majority that the 2 new armor sets within the game are too overpowered.

Consider this however, a RR83.5 DoK With full melee spec (Sac/Torture) an 83 imposing weap on main hand, full sovereign and an 81 weap on the off hand due to speed difference in the weapons can take down a RR90 Slayer in full doomflayer(offensive spec) with nothing more than just a bit of weapon skill.

My point is, its not so much that we have to cower in fear of OH MY GOD its new armor and we're all going to die! speculation, but moreso that we should just adapt to it.

Everyone use to think the exact same thing about sovereign,from what I can see now though its more to do with how you play it and what your opposition is.

Fair enough the grind from RR80 to RR100 is staggeringly and boringly long and tiresome, hopefully Mythic will come up with a solution to that before there is a mass exodus next month as is predicted by many a person I have recent been in contact with about war.

In Other News

 Rift beta is heading up again this weekend with a chance to win a graphics card! I must admit, for how amazing this game looks, the playability of it is just as astounding. Being able to jump from PvE based content, into PvP in half a heartbeat with the warfronts (which I admit still need some fine tuning but nonetheless are cool in the fact of cross server action) , although once you respawn out of it , you could find yourself in a virtual warzone within a Rift!

Next blog will probably be a little bit after the Rift Beta which starts again this Friday to Monday.

P.s. DoK Song of the week -

Sunday, January 30, 2011

The "Perfect" World of MMO's

Well considering this is my first offical blog I had to write about what I care about on the gaming front and that is MMO's that have that special little thing they like to call "style".

Between having a game that is both historic (such as either warcraft or warhammer due to their respective titles) and the like and trying to find something that balances out, developers have clearly had a fight on their hands.

It seems from Day 1 they have all had issues with balancing the aspects of both free-placement combat (ie. using abilities in whatever order you choose for a specific effect) and the ratio of trying to not over-power one specific class in doing so.

Warhammer Online, Doomflayer Equipment Content within RVR

Although I could be a troll and just carry on about how it doesn't work, I'd rather give examples as to WHY it doesn't work.

Adding new gear and equipment with set-effects, great idea! However, the levelling gap between having the gear set below it and achieving that level, there is literally NOTHING of consequence and no reason to go to continue on grinding it out, in short, is it really worth the trouble?

I do propose a solution and a lot of other have had and that would be to change the set from being all at one level which takes forever to obtain, to staggering it much like the level system on EVERY single other piece of set gear in the game by 1 level at a time ie. boots @ 83, gloves at 84 etc. etc.

The other unbalanced aspect of the game I have seen as of recently is teamwork. It seems as if the current system is based around one persons rendition of what is right, rather than helping the group to achieve what is actually need. Example: Tanks not guarding dps, healers not group healing or even worse, an area effective healer ie. Disciple of Khaine, healing outside of party.

Although most of that will never change, it isn't impossible to realise that most of these issues can be fixed with little more than being more co-operative. When did this game become about self and not about the group?

But what is really odd, is that it takes 1 player out of a whole group to demolish several opposition, because 9 times out of 10 people aren't willing to focus down a target as a GROUP. It seems to me that this group-failure is what is causing a lot of the post-patch issues.

We spent plenty of time saying how bad the development of the game is, yet we don't play the game the way it should be played.... Maybe we're the ones to blame after all.

In Other News

Rift is in its Beta stage and is actually quite enjoyable. Unlike Warcraft which had a tendency to become overly repetitive within the same landscape, the same mobs etc. etc. Rift has an ever-changing enviroment continually spawning different things, ie. From quest start point to come across a  fire rift, to completing a few quests before you actually reach the destination of your original quest.

Although my aspirations for the game might be high, I think they might be well placed.

-- Killaheals